Cemetery Committee Minutes

                                              Walden Cemetery Commission Meeting

Houston Hill Cemetery

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

4:30 pm

Discuss Financial Statement

Old Business:

            Pay Eric Kittredge for smoothing soil in Noyesville   Cemetery

            Discussion of sonar graphing at North Walden Cemetery

New Business:

            Determine work to be done at North Walden Cemetery      (quote from Kirkyard)

Other Business:

Cemetery Work:

            Stake out lots at Houston Hill Cemetery and put in   cornerstones

Walden Cemetery Commission Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2022


Present: Daniel Mencucci, Jaime Dailey, Judy Clifford


Voted $250 be paid to Eric Kittridge for smoothing soil in Noyesville Cemetery.


Discussed the completion of sonar graphing of North Walden Cemetery by Darryl Calkins.  Judy met with Darryl to discuss front lots in Row 1, rotting roadside fence, sideline tree removal to old wire fencing to open lots.  Will revisit after receiving completed sonar map.


Determined to reach out to Joe Mangan to address straightening and mending stones at North Walden Cemetery (up to approximately $4,000).  


Decided to ask Joe Mangan (to help Judy) stake out Houston Hill lots as mapped for Houston Family.


Judy reported placement of small granite groundstone in South Walden Cemetery at the feet of Orlin Cochran.  The infant was Abbey Beth, stillborn daughter of Matthew Cross, son of Irene Cross, daughter of Orlin & Ella Cochran.  She was a cremation burial in fall of 1994.


Jamie brought up the fencing at Steven’s Hill Cemetery needing to be replaced.  Will revisit for attention.

Any cemetery roadside fencing that deteriorates will be removed as it expires.


Submitted by

Judy Clifford